Material Mix in Modern Kitchens
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Material Mix in Modern Kitchens

by: Leicht

We showcase our profound proficiency in crafting kitchens enriched with diverse material blends. Incorporating materials like glass, natural stone, concrete, or wood yields myriad benefits, facilitating bespoke solutions that effortlessly fuse beauty, utility, and longevity.

Employing pioneering, space-transcending planning strategies, we usher in a paradigm shift in the realm of open living space design, offering ingenious solutions and an extensive array of design materials for clients with a penchant for aesthetics.

Modern European Kitchen design using mix of materials and textures
Modern European Kitchen design using mix of materials and textures

Mixing materials in your modern kitchen offers a world of possibilities and brings several benefits. It imparts a distinctive and personal charm that distinguishes it from typical modern designs. Through artful material blending, we create tailor-made designs that capture your unique style and specific requirements. Our approach goes beyond aesthetics; we prioritize functionality. Strategically incorporating diverse materials in different kitchen areas guarantees not just a visually appealing space but also optimal usability.

Take granite or marble countertops, for instance; they offer resilience and durability, making them ideal for food preparation. Meanwhile, wooden fronts exude warmth, infusing your kitchen with an inviting ambiance. Hygienic stainless steel sinks not only ensure easy maintenance but are also perfect for daily use. Glass surfaces present a breeze to clean, while contemporary concrete elements instill your kitchen with a modern character.

The deployment of diverse materials in your modern kitchen also bestows the added advantage of enhanced longevity. Through the artful amalgamation of sturdy materials, signs of wear and tear, as well as damage, can be remarkably minimized, assuring that your kitchen retains its pristine condition even after countless years of use.

A luxury kitchen based in a modernist property.
Leicht kitchen designed by Reflections Studios UK
Chris Snook
A luxury kitchen based in a modernist property
Chris Snook

Crafting kitchens that embrace material diversity is our forte. We blend meticulous planning, top-notch materials, and time-honored carpentry skills. By providing personalized consultations and considering architectural nuances, we craft distinctive solutions that epitomize functionality, coziness, and sophistication.

Our holistic approach extends beyond mere European kitchen design; we specialize in creating seamless, open living spaces. Let us redefine your open living area with our innovative concepts!

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