All over the world LEICHT is now synonymous with welcoming, prestigious and open kitchens in all price segments

Innovative power, quality "made in Germany"

The company founded as a carpenter's workshop in 1928 by the brothers Alois and Josef Leicht was sold to the Welle family in Paderborn in 1975. The company's success was not always self-evident. At the start of the 1990s, the Welle family was interested in an IPO for LEICHT, but had to adapt to the requirements of an increasingly internationally oriented market and develop a new strategy that would work long term.

The LEICHT I WELT at the company's HQ in Waldstetten. Opened in 2014, the building, which features a showroom, conference areas as well as a kitchen and lounge, is an attraction for international dealers. Photo: LEICHT / T. Vukosav

Product, service, brand

Stefan Waldenmaier joined LEICHT in 2002 and this was to prove to be a turning point for the company. He described the new strategic orientation concisely with the concept "product, service, brand" in other words developing a durable, top-quality product that can be planned in a variety of ways and selling this product to end consumers through dealers. Furthermore, the brand was to be given more charisma at international fairs with online and ad campaigns, showcasing in the company's own showroom as well as image publications. LEICHT has always kept its promise to dealers and customers that it would supply classically timeless, top-quality, exclusive kitchens to suit every taste and has thus gained a large number of loyal followers over the years .

Architectural cooperation – LEICHT is not only about planning kitchens for the luxury segment

Close cooperation with outstanding architects all over the world has proved to be most fruitful for LEICHT. In the series of publications "Architecture + Kitchen", LEICHT kitchens are showcased in exceptional houses demonstrating how completely different planning approaches can be realized in the various countries. But Waldenmaier sees maximum diversity and individual planning not only as a a top priority for the luxury segment but also for the price segments below it: „We provide perfectly planned kitchen concepts for every room size from EUR 8,000 to 10,000.“

Awards and prizes

LEICHT is the "best sold premium brand for kitchens", according to a survey by GfK in 2016; a further accolade was the "most innovative brand of the year", a title LEICHT was awarded both in 2015 and 2017. The outstanding value for money has also been awarded a prize: a national survey showed that LEICHT was "price winner 2016" for kitchen furniture and was awarded 1st prize.

Exporting to 55 countries worldwide and with sales totalling EUR 137 million in 2017, LEICHT Küchen AG grew by 11% in 2017 alone 90 years after its founding and can be confident about its future.

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